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Training on a Treadmill

Training for a marathon or even a half marathon is challenging.  The biggest challenge isn’t improving your endurance enough to run a marathon but the challenge is believing you can.  The next issue is working training into an already busy schedule.  If you work with a coach then you are subject to their schedules, the same applies to running with a group.  If you are running outside then you are at the mercy of the weather.  An obvious solution is training on a treadmill.  Trying to train on a treadmill has its own problems, here are some of the more common ones and how to overcome them.

Lack of Scenery

Running on a treadmill can get pretty boring, there is nothing to look at besides the wall in front of you, on the other hand running outside is filled with cars, people, other runners and loads of distractions.  The terrain also varies and there is nothing quite like training on the route you’re expected to run during the marathon.  On the plus side, it is far less likely you will be injured running on a treadmill and you can run in absolutely any weather.  If you are training for the Boston Marathon in early spring, there will be plenty of winter days where running outside is just not an option.  Use the treadmill to augment your training not be the sole source of training.


Boredom on a treadmill is a real issue but really it is not the end of the world.  If you are training at a gym there are TV monitors everywhere and music you can listen with a set of headphones.   Training on a treadmill is not a permanent arrangement, it is done when training outside isn’t possible.  Try and alleviate the boredom by running sprints or concentrating on getting your form perfect.  Here are some more tips on overcoming boredom.

Running Alone

If you train outside or even at the gym you have the opportunity to work with a partner or a coach to keep you motivated.  Running clubs to the same thing, you can partner up with someone who is at your fitness level and you can help each other get through the run.  Running with a partner helps you improve your pace and sometimes it is nice just to have someone with you even if there is no conversation.  This is probably the most difficult part of working out alone, but if you want to compete at an elite level and run marathons this is really a very small price to pay once in a while.