Energy Optimization

My best exercises for endurance work best after you get the feel of having less inner resistance, so that you can have the habit of flowing right from the start. But they still have some value , so here they are.

1- Hill sprints on treadmill:

Find a steep enough hill one that will create enough of a challenge. One about 100 meters long would be perfect. Some days you could do 25 m , 50 m , 100 meters or a combination of all 3. Build up slowly. One good rule of thumbs is you rest as long as it takes your pulse rate to start going down before doing another.

2-Sledgehammer work:

Very good for upper body endurance and proprioception. Hit an old truck tire right and left to stay balanced, try working up to 1000 hits. It will take about 20 min to a half hour of
steady hitting to accomplish this. Try to vary the weight of the hammers , the 16 will not feel like the 6 obviously, but you will be surprised to find out that the speed generated by the 6 sometimes makes it harder then a heavier hammer . Do not get used to a weight, vary often.

3-Alternate speed jogging:

With regular jogging your body learns to get into a rhythm, this is not something that is good in a fight situation, in a fight, a rhythm always changes and is influenced by both fighters, so keep it varied.

4-Throwing a dummy ( Your best friend will do ):

One of the best you can do. Works the whole body in functional strength plus endurance, vary the speed. Try and work up to 100 throws.

5-Technical repetitions of varying intensity matching the duration of your match:

This one is the most neglected, especially in grappling, either on the ground or standing. Take your best moves and repeat them with a fight like intensity for the length or more of a match. Nothing can be better for a fighter to be able to attack continuously for the duration of a fight. Remember running does not always equate with good fighting endurance. Take Roberto Duran for an example, he had great 15 round endurance ,but rarely jogged. It might be hard to find a partner to do this, so do like Kimura practice a throw on a tree and do it for an hour, going harder as you get stronger.

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